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Data is the new Oil- Only if you can capitalize on it


I was thinking about the Economist article that I read a while back that had
compared the new data center to the oil wells of the last century. The article
was making a point that in the current environment – Data is the new currency and that companies able to monetize the data were going to be the leaders of the future. If you have not read it, you can find the link
here. .Nothing earth shattering in hindsight for us in tech but something to ponder over still. Does having access to data alone makes the data worthwhile or is it only useful if you can capitalize on it?

I am asking the question in the context of the data sitting in CRM systems.
Companies have been acquiring data for years and they are always hesitant to purge it and mostly never clean it. There is another article from Deloitte
Insights that has shared an analysis of how incomplete and inaccurate is most of the personal...

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Facebook leak, GDPR & why should we care?

We asked a few of our customers in Feb 2018- Are you ready for GDPR? The most common response was- what is it?

Fast forward to April 2018 and all of a sudden there has been a deluge of GDPR related webinars in our inboxes from all sorts of companies asking “Are you ready for GDPR?”. Its as if the bogeyman from the EU is here and we are all headed towards a disaster. It reminded us of circa 1999/2000 when Y2K was all the rage and companies prepared for all kinds of calamitous circumstances.

After the Facebook incident, do we who run tech companies not feel that
protecting the privacy of our customer’s data is a natural thing to do? Should we not look at this as something that is good for the business versus milking the confusion?


The Facebook data privacy leak is a precursor. Listening to Mr...

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Keep Your Room Clean

As a father of two teenage kids, I could not help but compare the average
teenager to a fast-growing company. There are a few things common to both. They both have a voracious appetite. All of us can reflect back to the days when we could devour quantities without feeling guilty. Likewise, a growing company can devour resources, both cash and people faster than you can supply. Similarly, like teens, growing companies are rebels by nature. Process and policy is an anathema to them. These are things that are perceived as bureaucracy. Its akin to teens rebelling against all the lessons of experience we as parents try to impart with.

Without discipline, teens tend to go haywire. It’s no different for growing
organization. Without process and policies, they tend to acquire bad data in
their CRM systems. It’s like putting on fat with all the unhealthy eating habits picked up during the...

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Reflecting on TOPO Summit 2018

I am writing this post on my way back from the annual TOPO summit in San Francisco. Going into the summit, I was not sure what to expect since I am a bit sceptical about the value received from conferences. TOPO, however, was great, there was good content, yes. But more importantly, it was a summit that had attracted quite a few like-minded people. I must congratulate the TOPO team for having accomplished this. In order to have a great party, you need a connecting theme that is a shared bond among the attendees and the experience of connecting with like-minded folks become more of a celebration than the content itself.

The biggest win for me was to see that there is the desire to see lines blurring between the different ops teams. At we have been pushing for the consolidation of ops teams. In an account-centric engagement model the divisions between marketing operations...

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GrowthOps Podcast

small podcast.png
The world of Sales Operations is ripe with innovation and ever-changing best practices. With your host, @Tyler Simons, the GrowthOps podcast will include industry expertise from, and other industry experts as we break down the Sales Ops problems we are all trying to solve in our day to day. Whether you live and breathe Sales Operations, or just appreciate a good way to route leads, the GrowthOps Podcast is a must listen every week for anyone interested in hearing and learning how the unique problems in Sales Ops are being solved today.

If you are in the Apple ecosystem, you can subscribe through iTunes and get it on your desktop or ios device through the podcast app.

Google Play
If you are in the Android ecosystem and what to subscribe via the google play store, you can subscribe at the link below.

If you have a favorite podcast app like “Overcast”, you can...

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Welcome to Growth Ops.

It’s been over a year since my partner and I left the safety of a comfortable
job to follow our passion for building a service that will help transform sales
operations into growth operations. During this time we have been blessed to have been joined on our journey with a band of committed colleagues who are helping us work on this transformation and we have also been fortunate that our customers have given us this opportunity.

What is Growth Ops? It’s a question that we have encountered in almost all our engagements and this post is about defining Growth Ops.

We see sales operations as the critical glue that helps bind the sales team of a growing organization. We are entering the industrial age of sales with
increasing role specialization at every touch point of the customer engagement process from campaign to renewal. As such, the days of meeting your growth targets by deploying an...

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